We are almost halfway through another great year; do you feel you are on the right track of achieving what you aimed at the very beginning of this year? Do you want to make this year more than memorable? Do you really want to achieve something in life? New profession, relationship, career? Perhaps, money, health? Or, you feel like getting stuck and do not know what to do to bring back your normal life?

Well. Dr. Sims course aims at specifying what you really want in your life. He helps in creating compelling ways to make your life happier and interesting. He motivates you and keeps you boosted with a daily dose of energy to keep going in life. In short, he has the answer to the boredom, every obstacle and every problem that you are facing in life. All, you need is to enroll for the training program, without any hesitation. Results will start showing their true colors within a very few days.

Complete detail of the program conducted by Mr. Sims is listed below. So, feel free to visit the venue for fruitful results.

When: Monday through Sunday

Where: Periscope

Time: 7AM cst (Daily Motivation)

Time: 10PM cst (scopeafterdark)


For Ladies Only, Brunch with Dr. Sims

When: Saturday, July 18, 2015

Where: Delectable Edibles, Dothan, Al

Time: 10am till 12N


First Church of Periscope Conference

Relationship Tour 2015

Friday, September 11 thru 12, 15

Atlanta, GA

7pm cst