I am so grateful for Dr. Walter Walter Simms Coaching and Accountability. He has a Unique ability with his wisdom and Intuitve skill set to help you see limitations that you can’t see on your own. He pushes and guides you with love and compassion to help you wake up to higher level of consciouness so that you can unleash your potential and move forward into your greatness.

Toby Brand,

Coaching is not therapy! Meeting Dr. Sims was one of the great turning points in my life. I always had a deep faith and knew my purpose but still battled worry, overthinking, perfectionism, and several other self imposed stumbling blocks. With Doc's help my outlook changed, my faith deepened even more, my worry and anxiety was replaced with faith that my steps were ordered and I am doing more for myself than ever! I went through some of the hardest battles of my life since meeting Doc almost two years ago and overcame it all.  Challenges that would have broken me years prior were tackled with peace, patience, and a smile.  People around me notice the difference, and most importantly I notice it. I find motivation and accountability in his broadcasts each and every day as he freely gives his time. A deeper understanding can be found in all his classes beginner to advanced when you apply yourself.  Re-reading my class notes and quotes over time has keeps me inspired and ever working to the next level.     He's worth it, and so are you!

W. Wilson,

Working with Dr. Walter Sims and taking his "Get Yo Life" class had impacted my life. It would take an entire page to fill. Having Dr. Sims as my coach; I am more confident, clear and sure of myself. I've always had these traits, but working with Dr. Sims helped me to let go and recognize my Greatness. Where ever I'm at in this life, I will always consider Dr. Walter Sims my Coach!!!

Sakeria Williams,

This man right here..Dr.Sims..is a blessing! An amazing man! Helpful in so many ways and in an instant helped me to realize the purpose of my being. I have been lost for many years but now with his guidance I know things are about to become right again! Thank you..I can't say it enough! <3

Rubie Khan,